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Every year thousands of animals suffer from neglect, cruelty and abuse. With your help, we can rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them. We rely on voluntary fundraising and donations to carry out our vital work.

Please make your donation today and help us bring more animals to safety this year.

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Your support will help rescue animals today and ensure the RSPCA are there for all animals all year round. We promise to keep in touch by sharing our rescue stories, with news of the work we do, campaigning and appeals.

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The data supplied on this form will be used to enable your donation to reach RSPCA. In order that your instructions can be acted on, your details will be passed to a HM Revenue & Customs registered Payroll Giving Agent, with whom your employer has a contract, who will forward your donation to RSPCA. The Payroll Giving Agency (a charity in their own right) may deduct a processing fee from your donation, this is between 25p and 4%, some employers pay this on your behalf, for further information call the helpline below. Hands On Payroll Giving will record the details shown on this form for administration purposes, data is stored in line with their Privacy Policy.

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