St Mungo's

You could do something truly amazing for a homeless person so that they move away from the streets and don’t look back.

St Mungo’s is one of the UK’s leading homelessness charities. Our supporters enable homeless people to recover from homelessness and rebuild their lives. Our vision is that everyone has a place to call home and can fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

Sleeping rough is harmful and dangerous. Sadly, the average age of death for a homeless man is 47, and for a woman, just 43. Our video shows why homeless men and women need your support.

Our outreach teams go out night after night, and early mornings, to find and help people who are sleeping rough move into accommodation. We are one of very few charities that enables people to live in our housing with their dogs (and other pets too).

A gift through your payroll will help change the lives of homeless people every day. Thanks to you, homeless men and women could have a place to call home, look after and improve their physical and mental health, learn new skills and find work.

Gary and Lola’s Story

Your gifts will help people like Gary and his dog, Lola. Gary slept rough for 30 years. Whilst in hospital, one of his major arteries burst. If Gary had been on the streets when that happened, he wouldn’t be alive today. We found Gary a place at a St Mungo’s hostel and made sure he never spent another night out on the cold streets. Gary and Lola now have a place to call home. Gary says, “Your support really will help someone. I’m living proof of that.”

Over a year

£5 per month could provide replacement underwear, socks and vests to six people who have been sleeping rough

£7.50 per month could provide food and supplies for nine people moving in to short term crisis accommodation

£10 per month could cover the cost of 12 volunteer shifts assisting our outreach teams.

Thank you so much for supporting St Mungo’s.

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