Zero cost services to help employers manage and promote Payroll Giving.

Whether or not your company is registered for Payroll Giving, we can help you increase engagement and reward from your scheme.


How to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme in three easy steps


Ideas for companies to increase employee engagement


Read about the benefits and rewards for companies with Payroll Giving


Payroll Giving can be included with most Flexible Benefits packages, although the admin side can be tricky. We've got vast experience with clients such as Morrisons, in integrating Payroll Giving into benefits platforms.

Without cost, we can implement Payroll Giving as a new benefit, or help with an existing scheme by:

  • Providing simple and bespoke sign-up pages where employees choose their charity
  • Generating confirmation emails with simple instructions for employees to follow
  • Liaising with benefits providers / benefits providers clients to ensure the admin is neatly completed and donations reach chosen causes swiftly
  • Creating web-text, leaflets, poster and attend benefits fairs
  • For more info email: askus@hopg.co.uk


If you want a free and easy way to promote Payroll Giving, we supply online pages tailored to your needs, this includes:

  • Branding and colour schemes for your company, examples below
  • Secure online joining page for your employees
  • FAQ section to help employees understand the scheme
  • Charity partner features
  • All data processing undertaken by our in-house team to set up your employees donations
  • Free employee helpline

Microsite: this can be modified with specific pages as required, with all pictures and text editable.

One page interactive: this is a one-page simple design that is fully mobile responsive to display well on all devices. The pictures and text can also be edited as required.


Payroll Giving is completely free to operate. However, some employers opt to cover the administration fee that is charged by the Payroll Giving Agency - this is about 25p per month, per participant. If an employer covers this it means employees’ full donations reach their nominated charities, otherwise it is deducted by the agency from donations. Every Payroll Giving Agency is a charity in its own right and is regulated by HMRC. Hands On Payroll Giving does not receive any part of donations.

The below can be used to calculate how much monthly administration charges may be varying participation levels and average donation amounts.


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