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How to setup a payroll giving scheme

Payroll Giving is free and simple to set-up. Every employer operating Payroll Giving needs to register with a HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency who distribute employees' donations to their chosen causes. To do this, there are some forms you need to complete (which we can supply). Whilst we're not an Agency, our service complements theirs and we work closely with all UK agencies to help grow Payroll Giving.

See the steps below for detailed information on the whole process, from registering to processing donations. We can help with every step of the way - any queries please Contact Us.

If your company are already registered with an Agency we're experienced at reviving existing schemes, please get in touch! Or, if you need help with integrating Payroll Giving into a Flexible Benefits offering

  • Register

    As Payroll Giving donations are deducted from employees' pay before tax (so funds are tax-free), contributions have to be distributed by a regulated agency. To operate Payroll Giving a company needs to be registered with a Payroll Giving Agency that has been approved by HMRC, the registration documents are quick and simple to complete.

    The three Payroll Giving Agencies that we do the most work with are;

    Charitable Giving

    Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

    Charities Trust

    Contact Us for advice about which agency might suit best and help with completing the simple registration forms.

  • Deduct donations

    Once employees have joined Payroll Giving through one of online pages, or at a face to face launch event we send the payroll department the deduction instructions. The can be transferred in a format suited to payroll systems and in line with required cut offs. We manage all employee queries and the joining process to minimise the workload for our corporate clients. We can help with one-off campaigns and ad hoc donations too.

  • Send to Payroll Giving Agency

    On a monthly basis all employee donations are sent by the company to the nominated Payroll Giving Agency in one lump sum. Along with this payroll needs to send a basic listing detailing how much participants have donated. The Payroll Giving Agency then matches the donations with the information we provide about employees' charity choices – this means employees can keep charity nominations private from colleagues should they wish to.

    The Payroll Giving Agency then distributes employees' donations to their chosen good causes, and the charity thanks the employee if they have elected to be communicated with. As we control the information to each charity, employees can select which details they wish to be release, and can remain anonymous if they wish.


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