How we can help

We work with companies of all sizes to help them set-up and promote Payroll Giving in a way that fits their business. Our free service includes online pages, marketing materials, workplace events and reporting on engagement.

Working with us means we listen to your needs and adapt approaches to best reach your employees. There's some Case Studies here from other clients.

  • Online pages we provide can be modified to suit your needs, for example highlighting corporate partnerships and match funding
  • Marketing materials includes template emails, infographic posters, campaign themed artwork
  • Workplace events can be anything from week long events at head office locations, all the way to visiting retail branches across the UK
  • Reporting can be auto-generated with log-in access, or specialist information on engagement levels and feedback.

We are paid by our charity partners so there is no cost to the companies we work with. Contracted charities pay us from fundraising budgets. Whilst we feature some charities, people are free to give to any charity (or charitable cause) with all donations processed in exactly the same way.

  • Pay Admin

    To show support of the scheme and employee’s generosity some employers opt to cover the administration cost charged by the Payroll Giving Agency. This means every penny employees donate goes to their chosen good cause. This charge is between 20p and 4% of the donation, but each agency charges slightly differently - this ADMIN CALCULATOR gives an estimate of how much this monthly fee would be. If the employer doesn’t pay this it is deducted from employee donations.

  • Match Give

    Some employers match fund employee donations, matching can be capped and policies defined to requirements.

  • Thank Participants

    Some employers hold prize draws for those engaged in the scheme, or give a one-off donation to employees' nominated charities at a particular time of year.


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