Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a scheme which allows employees to donate to charity from their tax-free pay. Employees can opt to donate to any UK charity or good cause from their salary. Contributions are deducted from gross pay before tax is calculated by the employer payroll department.

The scheme is completely voluntary; employees can choose to join Payroll Giving at any time throughout the year and can manage donations as they wish. Employees can join here.

If your employer does not currently have the scheme in place, it is a simple to set-up - Contact Us for help. Our services are 100% free of charge to companies.

Please see the FAQs section for answers to common employee queries


  • Join

    Firstly an employee completes a form to decide how much they wish to give, and to which charities. Employees can give to as many charities as they wish. This form is submitted to Hands On, we then send the deduction instruction to payroll (in agreed format and timeframe). We also translate the information to the relevant Payroll Giving Agency and the employees’ nominated charities (if they have agreed to this).

  • Process

    The deduction is made at by the employee’s payroll department and sent to the company’s contracted Payroll Giving Agency - along with any other employees’ Payroll Giving donations, and a simple break down of those donating.

  • Receive

    The Payroll Giving Agency then combines the donations received from payroll with the charity nomination information we provide and transfer the funds to the chosen good causes. The charity receives the donation and thanks the employee if they have requested communication.

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