NHS Charities Together

We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible healthcare. But right now, that’s not happening. People are living longer, with more long-term and complex health conditions and the NHS is becoming increasingly overstretched. This means that too many of us are finding it hard to access vital services and we’re not getting the same opportunities to live well.

NHS Charities Together is a diverse network of over 200 UK-wide NHS charities that’s here for everyone who uses, cares about and works in the NHS. We are committed to delivering lasting change for patients, communities and staff through the creation of transformational programmes as well as increasing the capability and capacity of the NHS charity sector, so that every NHS charity can be as impactful as they can for their own communities and contribute to our collective mission: helping the NHS to thrive. ​

Using our national reach to bring people and organisations together, we can make sure funds, resources and support go where they will have the greatest impact. We listen to where changes need to be made and set out new approaches to make them happen. We champion innovation and share important knowledge and insights. We do this so that we can create an NHS that’s there for everyone.

Our work is focused on three areas of impact, and thanks to donations from people like you, we can help to:

  • Improve care for patients: supporting projects to improve care and make healthcare spaces feel more welcoming.  
  • Support workforce wellbeing: providing practical and emotional support to our incredible NHS staff and volunteers.  
  • Empower communities to live well:provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead healthier lifestyles and respond effectively to crises.

By donating through your salary each month, you can help the NHS be the best it can be and make sure that absolutely everyone can get the healthcare they deserve.

Together, we can transform health and care across the UK.

To understand more about the type of projects NHS Charities Together helps to fund, you can visit our website here.

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