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What we do

FareShare is the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. We save good-to-eat, surplus food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities,including school breakfast clubs, older people’s lunch clubs, homeless shelters, and community cafés, who turn it into meals.


By ensuring that good food is not wasted, FareShare transforms an environmental problem into a social solution.


Why our work matters

  • One in five people in the UK live in food insecurity1– including 4 million children.2
  • Over 3 million tonnes of good-to-eat food goes to waste in the UK every year,3 enough for 7 billion meals.
  • Wasted food is responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, fuelling climate change.4
  • 75% of the charities that we redistribute food to support families and children.


1. The Food Foundation (2023). Food Insecurity Tracking. Round 12.

2. Office for National Statistics (2022). Population estimates.

3. World Wildlife Foundation (2022). Hidden Waste: The Scale and Impact of Food Waste in Primary Production.

4.WWF (2021), Driven To Waste: The Global Impact Of Food Loss And Waste On Farms.


Our impact

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