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Christine's story

Your donation will help someone like Christine.

Christine has severe osteoarthritis. The pain started in her knees when she was in her 30s. By her 40s both her hips were affected and she experienced pain doing everyday tasks such as getting out of the car.

In her 50s she started to develop painful nodules on her fingers and had problems with gripping objects.

“Sometimes I just wanted to get a knife and chop off the lumps on my fingers; they were so painful,” she says. It became increasingly challenging for Christine to hold a pen, chopping food was difficult and paintbrushes slipped out of her hand. “The kind of things you take for granted became very difficult,” she says.

How Arthritis Research UK helped Christine

Christine took part in a trial funded by donations to Arthritis Research UK. The trial tested the effectiveness of joint protection and exercises along with giving participants important information about osteoarthritis.

"It was really practical information and it made an enormous difference.”

Your donation will help someone with arthritis to live a pain-free, active life

Christine says: “Arthritis Research UK made it possible for the trial to take place. I think it's vital that the help I received is made available to everyone who needs it. Then, like me, they can carry on with their lives much as they did before.” Everything we do is driven by knowledge to positively impact on what matters to people with arthritis – like Christine.

Our long term commitment is to:

  • prevent the onset of arthritis
  • develop a cure for arthritis
  • transform the lives of those with arthritis

Please help us continue our life-changing work and stop arthritis from stealing the quality of people’s lives. 

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