Asthma UK

Asthma UK is the charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the 5.4 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by asthma. We want to live in a world where asthma is no longer a daily battle for some and where no one dies from the condition. We’re working to make this happen through world-leading research, award-winning information and services and life changing campaigns.

We provide helpful resources for every stage of your asthma journey and advice for everyone coping with an asthma diagnosis, including the Asthma UK Helpline. We campaign and raise awareness in the media to make sure asthma is taken seriously, and everyone gets the care they deserve. We help people with asthma speak directly to politicians and decision-makers on the issues that are important to them. We’ve invested over £50 million into asthma research to date. We’re looking for better treatments and, ultimately, a cure which would transform the lives of people with asthma. 

Call us on: 01433 651972 or submit your question below, we'll come back to you asap (usually within 24 hours)