Brain Research UK

Brain Research UK is the working title for the Brain Research Trust. We are a dedicated funder of research into conditions of the brain and nervous system. We promote and support vital research, to better understand, improve diagnosis and treatments and work towards prevention of brain conditions that still devastate too many lives. The impact is, not only felt in the lives of patients but also by the families who love and support them through illness and treatments.

Our research funding is currently focused on three priority areas: brain tumours; brain and spinal injury (through an external event such as traumatic brain injury or internal event such as Stroke or aneurysm) and headache and facial pain. These are areas where there is a large unmet patient need and current lack of research investment.

Thanks to our valued donors and supporters, we have been able to fund the best science for over 50 years to achieve the greatest impact for people affected by neurological conditions, to help them live better longer.

We receive no government funding and we rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to enable our life saving research to continue. For further information:


Call us on: 01433 651972 or submit your question below, we'll come back to you asap (usually within 24 hours)