Cancer Research UK

Almost 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetimes, and all of us will be affected by it.

The challenge is only growing, but so is the opportunity.

Cancer Research’s manifesto sets out the measures and commitments the next government can make to help prevent 20,000 cancer deaths every year by 2040.

A national commitment to reduce the cancer mortality rate by 15% by 2040 – preventing 20,000 cancer deaths every year.

In the last decade, cancer mortality rates have fallen by 10% 3, and are projected to fall by a further 6% by 2040. This is all thanks to the power of groundbreaking research, improvements in healthcare and the tireless efforts of NHS staff.

£5 per month

Giving £5 a month buys 100 plastic test tubes, which are the understated tools of any experiment

£10 per month

This would buy a box of microscope slides, which enables our scientists to study the inner workings of cells

£20 per month
£20 buys a digital PCR assay, which scans a piece of genetic material to find cancer-causing mutations. Finding out what causes cancer could help our scientists beat it.

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