At Oxfam, we believe a kinder and radically better world is possible. And to achieve it, we must work together to fight the injustices and inequalities that fuel poverty. 

That's what Oxfam is about. A global movement of millions of people, united by asense of compassion and justice, determined to help build a better world.

It started in 1942, when a small group of like-minded people came together to do something simple but radical. To challenge the UK government to lift the wartime blockade and send food parcels that people desperately needed in occupied Greece.

The vital work that began that night, continues today, in so many different forms. Providing essential supplies to families hit by the world's worst conflicts and natural disasters. Working with communities to get clean water running. Fighting for long-lasting change such as helping people earn a fair wage. And campaigning against climate change. We act in solidarity with communities, partners, and activists across 67 countries, driving their own
change for a more equal future.

Every action, big or small, fuels the work that the world needs, to end the injustice of poverty. That's why payroll giving is so powerful: it's a simple step you can take, and it means you'll be part of that change,around the world, every month.

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