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Hands On Payroll Giving is a Professional Fundraising Organisation that assist employers and employees with Payroll Giving for the benefit of any charity. We promote the concept of individuals supporting any charity they wish, not just the charities that Hands On represents. We actively represent 120 charities that we are funded by, but facilitate and support donations to any UK charity. Hands On Payroll Giving
Only if support is generated from our work are we paid a fee by the charities we represent (please visit for a full list). The average life of a Payroll Giver is 6 - 7 years. Last year, our work resulted in the recruitment of new Payroll Giving donors pledging to donate in the region of £14 million. Our remuneration for generating this income was £550,000. This amount funds our premises, 6 office staff and 10 presenters who visit workplaces to about fundraising. This year we estimate that our annual remuneration will be in the region of £550,000. This cost is proportionately shared (in accordance with donations made) by the 120 charities we are contracted to. Each charity monitors money received by the individual concerned, and if a donor does not make their first payment for any reason, then the charity concerned receives a full refund from Hands On.
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